I felt that if I told people, then they would think it was my fault.... 
that if I had worked out harder or eaten better, I might have prevented it.
It is not fair to judge which diabetes condition is more serious, all types of diabetes have a serious impact on people’s health, it is a difficult condition which takes a lot of time, persistence and care to manage.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sugar is my enemy

Doctors know that controlling your blood sugar and insulin is the #1 factor for good health and long life.

It's a starling fact, but out-of-control blood sugar is linked to every serious degenerative disease on the Top 10 Killers list, including of course diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even dementia.

It's a fact: Excess blood sugar harms every important organ in your body, including, your heart, brain, eyes and kidneys. But Eating Less "Sugar" Won't Protect You...

That's because so many hidden sugars and sweeteners are being added to our foods today - even the ones that aren't supposed to be "sweet."   For example, sometimes there will be small amounts of many types of sugars, so none of them end up being in the the first few ingredients of the label. Examples of these include dextrose, fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, corn sweetener and the dreaded high fructose corn syrup.

Other times, sugar masquerades as apparently more "healthy" ingredients, such as honey, rice syrup, or even "organic dehydrated cane juice".

The problem.... These are ALL sugar in disguise and they ALL spike your blood sugar and put you at risk for developing a laundry list of degenerative diseases.

But there's an even bigger problem which most people aren't even aware of...    Many Carbohydrate Foods Spike Your Blood Sugar -- Even If They Contain No Sweeteners.....    Bread. Baked goods. Breakfast cereals. Pasta. Chips. Even white potatoes and rice. These and many other innocent-looking foods carry a dangerous secret...  They become blood sugar just as rapidly as if you ate pure table sugar!  Eating these high-carb foods can play havoc with your blood sugar and create serious health problems.

Sugar is everywhere,  so I have to pay strict attention to food labels, eat less refined foods, avoid sweets, some fruit and surprisingly some vegetables.
I try not to feel guilty about EVERY meal or snack I eat but gosh it is hard.


  1. Looking forward to learning more. Not about reading labels because I doubt anyone has read more labels than me in the last 30 or 40 years.

    I am interested in the high carb thing as I dont understand that, yet.

    I dont think you need to feel guilty though. why? I look at labels, eat little refined food, avoid sweets, and fruit is a rarity here :D

    I could be you

  2. Yes that is why I keep asking you about the foods you cook... I am always willing to learn as this insidious chronic disease is relatively new to me.

  3. Great blog! The more people talk about the dangers of sugars and grains, the better!